Hello, Iʼm Kelli Butler and welcome to KBfit- Inside and Out! The energy fitness studio created from my passion to share over 20 years of knowledge and experience. My certifications through AFAA for personal training, YogaWorks as a yoga instructor, and GoddessLife for Cardio BellyDance, as well as continued education with anything my heart and mind gravitate to is why this studio exists today. I knew these gifts were not meant to be kept selfishly but to be shared as gifts to you! Everything I teach benefits not only our physical energy but our mental and spiritual energies as well. Life is not just Outside physical appearance, itʼs how you FEEL in the Inside too!

If you are ready to cultivate and change your Body, Mind, and Spirit then come and see me and letʼs grow and learn together! Iʼm excited to pour my passions and let them flow right out to you!

Hope to see you soon!