I have over 25 years of combined yoga and personal strength and longevity training. My mission and purpose is to teach a healthy vital lifestyle to not only use while you are training but to carry throughout your day to day tasks and activities for a lifetime!

Balanced energy creates momentum and circulation throughout the body, both mental and physical. Yoga and strength training produce this balance, resulting in feeling healthy, happy, and alive!!! These changes spill over into making better nutritional choices, sleeping more soundly, and waking more alert. Everything is connected and I’m here to teach that connection and help you know YOU!

I teach all levels, ages, genders, athletes, children, seniors, young and middle aged adults,families, pregnancies,  injuries and pain management. I’m here for YOU!

I am available for private and semi-private classes(2 -5). I found through the years teaching in small or private settings is more conducive for the desired results.

I work around your schedule, train you at your home, office, my studio, KBfit- Inside and Out or Kings Fitness! Contact me for more info!

I currently teach 2 semi private classes weekly:

Both classes offered are designed to target the areas most tight, painful, or injury prone. Everyone can benefit from these classes. Athletes, adults, children and seniors will become more flexible and agile to either improve sport performance or to just feel better overall!

Tuesday 10am- 11am Yoga and Stretching
In this class you will receive the benefits of gentle yoga poses combined with full body stretching. For all levels and ages.

Thursday 10am- 11am Yoga/ Stretching/ and Strength training combined. Gentle yoga poses with full body stretching and free weight strength training. For all ages and levels.

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